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Chili Lavashak - Fruit Roll (8oz)

Chili Lavashak - Fruit Roll (8oz)

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Would you dare to try something you've never tried before? What if we promised your first bite would blow your mind?

Lavashak is a plum Persian fruit roll that we created here using plum puree. The result is a soft and chewy plum roll coated in a daring house blend of lime, tajin, and chili: the ideal chili chamoy candy.

Maybe it's your first time trying, but it certainly won't be your last.

• Size: 8oz

• Spice tolerance: Mild (Sour with a hint of spice)

• Ingredients is available as an imagePlease check additional images for the nutrition panel.

 Refunds / Exchanges: Not allowed due to this product being a consumable item.

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