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Chili Belt sQuad (16 oz)

Chili Belt sQuad (16 oz)

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FOUR NEW FLAVORS! Cherry belts, Mango belts, Watermelon belts, and Raspberry belts... there's something for everyone, or just enough for one person!

What's not to love about our sweet, sour gummy belts? You can chew them, suck on them, wrap them around your finger and let them melt in your mouth.

Once it's all gone, you'll be counting the days until you can get another platter.

• Size: 6.5" Platter, Net Weight 16 oz/1 lb

• Spice tolerance: Mild (Sour with a hint of spice)

• Ingredients is available as an imagePlease check additional images for the nutrition panel.

 Allergen Information: Contains Wheat 

• Refunds / Exchanges: Not allowed due to this product being a consumable item.

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