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Variety Pack

Variety Pack

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If you've been looking for a way to get more and spend less, we have some good news. Here you can pick up a variety pack with a series of 4 oz bags in all our most popular flavors.

Our variety pack is available as a subscription or a one-time purchase. You can choose which variety you want from two bags to seven bags, and you'll be saving MORE!

With flavors available like our strawberry belts, our chili watermelon. our chili gummy bears, and more, you'll no longer have to sit around dreaming of exquisite taste, now you can have it whenever you want it.

Here are the flavors for our bundle:

- LILY'S FAVORITES = 4 (4oz) Bags
🍓 Chili Strawberry Belts
🍉 Chili Watermelon
🧸 Chili Gummi Bears
👍 Chili Blueberry Belts

• Spice tolerance: Mild (Sour with a hint of spice)

 Allergen Information: Contains Wheat, Contains Gelatin

• Refunds / Exchanges: Not allowed due to this product being a consumable item.

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